Welcome to our “Meet the Team” blog post series! Each month, we’ll shine the spotlight on a different team member bringing you insider scoop on all things wine. From their personal favorites to unbeatable pairings and even tips on maximizing your wine experience, they’ve got you covered. Up first: our awesome tasting room associate, Mia Camp!


What’s your favorite wine that Campos Family Vineyards makes, and why?

My favorite wine we make here at Campos would be our Layla Rae Chardonnay. I’ve always loved really buttery and oaky Chardonnays. Layla is not over-the-top buttery, but still has that light, creamy, oaky taste with little hints of vanilla which I love!


What do you think sets CFV apart from other wineries in the area?

When you’re at Campos, you feel like you’re around family. I’ve never worked at a place where I’m genuinely so excited to come to work, be around my coworkers, chat with our regulars, and meet new customers. There’s always such a positive vibe when you come to Campos and our customers let us know all the time how much they love the scenery, the positivity, the attentive service, and, of course, the wine


What do your days off look like?

My days off start with walking my dog, Willow, in the morning. Then I make a big, healthy breakfast before I hop on my computer to work on my Digital Marketing classes (I’m working towards a Google Certificate in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce). I usually will work on this for about an hour or so and then I’ll get ready to go run whatever errands I have that day. Around 5, I go to the gym for a couple of hours and then come home and make dinner for my mom and I. I’ll watch a couple episodes of whatever TV show I’m binge-watching this week (currently it’s Love Island UK). Then, I’ll do my skincare routine and read a couple chapters of a book to wind down before going to sleep!


What’s the most random fact about wine you’ve learned since working here?

I’m not sure if it’s random but I think it’s a cool fact! Our Golden Girl wine, which is a Pinot Gris, is aged in oak barrels instead of stainless steel. Usually, Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigios are aged in stainless steel barrels to give it that crisp and clean taste. But, because Golden Girl is aged in oak, it has a lighter, oaky taste to make it not as crisp or dry. Also, the oak barrels give Golden Girl a slight pink color which I think is so cool!


Which label design is your favorite?

My favorite label design is Golden Girl because she kind of looks like me! I also think it’s such a cute, summery label. The girl is sitting in a floaty with a glass of wine and it makes me want to go grab a floaty, hop in the delta, and drink some wine too!