Campos Family Vineyards - Estate Mouvedre

Campos Family Vineyards Estate Mouvedre currently produces three different wines from this temperamental grape of Mouvedre. Originally from Spain, this grape is also well known in France for blending in the Rhone style along with, Syrah, and Grenache. The Mouvedre grape does things all on her own. She grows when she wants to, or not. Focused on growing small clusters of grapes, the Mouvedre grape packs a big punch of flavor.

Sparkling Rose of Estate Mouvedre

Picked earlier in the Harvest, at a sugar level of 19 Brix, and de skinned quickly, this crisp light sparkling wine can start off any party right. Made one bottle at a time, hand crafted individually, this wine is made – The Traditional Method of Making Sparkling Wine, Methode Champenoise. Methode Champenoise is the way the wine is fermented a second time. By doing that, we create more layers of flavor characters, smooth, and smaller bubbles. After the first fermentation, and after the wine is in the barrel for about a year, we individually fill each bottle 2/3 the way to the top. We add sugar and yeast to the neck; flash freeze the neck and bottle cap it tightly. For about the next five months, and about every six hours, the bottle is riddled a quarter turn. This is to insure the second fermentation is smooth and clear of any sediment. Next, we remove the cap, gorge the frozen yeast out of the neck and add a dosage of coloring and sweetness to the wine. The bubbles are tiny and smooth on the finish. With vibrant fruit tones of strawberry, rhubarb, and cherry that are noticeable while drinking this delicious sparkling wine.

Estate Lilly Rose

Named after one of the Campos’s grandchildren, Lilly Rose, this Rose of Estate Mouvedre is smooth and flavorful of strawberry, sour cherry, and plum. Made from the same juice as the Sparkling wine, the Lilly Rose comes with an easy screw cap and drinks easy anytime of day. At room temperature or chilled the unique flavors of Mouvedre are subtle on the palette.

Estate Mouvedre

They say if you love the flavors, texture, and characters of a Cabernet Sauvignon, then you will enjoy the grape of Mouvedre. This estate gem was hand picked at 25 Brix. The ripe juicy grapes are barreled in a combination of French and American Oak for 14 months. Leaving a deep dark cherry flavor with hints of vanilla and smoke make this light colored big red wine exceptional when pairing with pizza, spicy Asian food, soft cheese, grilled lamb, or even popcorn.