Rise Up - Women of Purpose!


September 16, 2023    
9:30 am - 12:30 pm


Campos Family Vineyards
3501 Byer Road, Byron, CA 94514, Byron, CA, 94514
Rise up provides a place for women to come together to inspire, encourage, support, and motivate one another!

Join us on Saturday, September 16th, from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM. Our speaker, Jody Bagno-Dill, is the co-founder of Jazz Business Consulting, an Executive Coaching firm that is dedicated to helping leaders elevate their ability to mobilize the people they lead. With more than five client companies on the list of Best Places to Work in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last ten consecutive years, Jody will teach us easy ways to uplevel our individual communication styles. You will enjoy her humorous approach to the secret communication techniques that make leading and persuading others much easier.

* LUNCH INCLUDED! Sandwich & Salad Buffet.

A Confident Woman Radiates with Charisma

She walks into a room, and everyone knows she is someone special. When she approaches people to engage in conversation, they warmly welcome her. It seems as though favor follows her. She is you.

If you desire to build confidence and connect with people with undeniable charisma, this special morning has been tailored just for you.

You will learn the superpowers of reading body language and social clues. You will be equipped with simple tools for understanding the subtle ways to communicate with strength and power. You’ll learn to persuade friends, family, and co-workers to your ideas. You will feel heard and acknowledged. You will make a difference in the world with your insights and perspectives.

About Rise Up: Rise up provides a place for women to come together to inspire, encourage, support, and motivate one another as we step into the fullness of all we were created to be and do. We are rising up together taking our place in history as women who shape culture, transform lives, and make a difference in our world.

This is a safe place for you to share, discover, or re-discover your passion to make a difference. We are a community that will lock arms with you to be an inspiration and support keeping you motivated in your pursuit.

Make a difference by partnering with shephards gate by bringing to the event, paper towels, foil, bottled water, tall trash bags or donate cash!

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