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The term #EatLocal has been one that has danced in the ears and been sung from the mouths of food connoisseurs sitting around tables nationwide.  Local movements to #EatLocal became trendy in recent years due to changing climate, difficult economies, and for some – a way to reduce dependency on cheap oil.  Yet, what isn’t as commonly recognized is the claim to #DrinkLocal. The #DrinkLocal tag is an important grassroots movement that creates awareness and support for local breweries, pubs, wineries and locally owned bars and liquor stores.  At Campos Family Vineyards, we are excited about the #DrinkLocal movement as we openly and warmly invite in community members and our neighbors to come and spend a day at our winery where they can enjoy some of our award winning estate varieties or sample of the other locally sourced wines and beers we highlight in our tasting room.

Campos Family Vineyards

PC: Discovery Bay Studios

A Bit of History

It was a grassroots movement created by people who wished to reduce the distance of where their food was sourced. Although seen as a fad to many, the idea of eating locally reaches back to World War II, where the government celebrated ‘Victory Gardens’ as a claim to patriotism and created a sense of food security and community resiliency. Today, people #EatLocal and #DrinkLocal for many other reasons.  In the Historic Brentwood, Byron and Knightson communities, supporting local businesses, the history and preservation of the community and creating family-friendly entertainments locations is important to the suburban families that enjoy the lifestyle provided by the East County community.


An Opportunity

The opportunities to eat fresh and drink fresh have not been this plentiful in three generations.  Growing up in East County, many people remember stopping at local fruit stands and visiting U-Pick orchards for a fresh taste of summer.  Yet, many of the eating and drinking locations did not source locally. Furthermore, as the communities grew, corporate eating and drinking locations took over.  As more of the local community has pushed to save the agricultural roots and lands of the community, more and more farmers, vintners and restaurateur have come together to ensure that fruit of the land continued to feed the families and local community at large.  At Campos Family Vineyards, we are so proud to be part of the #DrinkLocal movement and be able to share our history and our Estate wines with the visitors to our winery and showcase them at many local events we promote.

Campos Family Vineyards Wine

Campos Family Vineyards Award Winning Wines

#DrinkLocal Because It Matters

Food and drink matter.  How you eat, how you shop, crucially affects how the world is and how the community you live in will grow and develop.  At Campos Family Vineyards, our variety of Cabernet, Franc, Mouvedre, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel.  Being a part of the #DrinkLocal movement allows us to promote the history of the community while feeding into the economic growth the region, all while creating a family-friendly event destination for families to escape and unwind without having to leave town.

We invite you to explore the grounds and the Award Winning Wines at Campos Family Vineyards and become part of the Campos Family and the history of Contra Costa county. And always remember, drink responsibility and #DrinkLocal