As featured on GoldMedalwineclub.com A new family winery, vineyard and event destination, Campos Family Vineyards is located on 44 acres in rural Byron, situated in eastern Contra Costa County of Northern California. The winery is owned by a locally involved couple, Ric and Michelle Campos, who jettisoned plans of retiring in hopes of building a property that could bring the community together. Ric and Michelle first became interested in wine when they were co-owners of a

Our most recent Wine Release Party was themed Havana Nights where Wine Club members came dressed in Havana attire and enjoyed a fun evening of dancing, cigar rolling, wine tasting, cuban food eating and much more! This event is exclusive to Wine Club Members and their guests only. Wine Club Release parties happen quarterly and is free for our Wine Club Members.  If you are interested in learning more about our Wine Club at

The term #EatLocal has been one that has danced in the ears and been sung from the mouths of food connoisseurs sitting around tables nationwide.  Local movements to #EatLocal became trendy in recent years due to changing climate, difficult economies, and for some – a way to reduce dependency on cheap oil.  Yet, what isn’t as commonly recognized is the claim to #DrinkLocal. The #DrinkLocal tag is an important grassroots movement that creates awareness