On January 8, 2020, Dwight Clark would have turned 63rd. Dwight Clark was the receiver who made one of the most memorable plays in the NFL history known as "The Catch", kickstarting the San Francisco 49ers' dynasty. He passed less than one year after he was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). In honor of his

We want to thank our community for your compassion and generosity. Our first annual COUNTRY FEST TO BEAT ALS with Coffey Anderson! event allowed for us to raise $40,000 for the ALS Association Greater Sacramento Chapter. ย  We couldn't have done it without our community, sponsors and Coffey Anderson!   ๏ปฟ About the Event Campos Family Vineyards and The

We smile when we think about how it was nothing more than a far-fetched dream that brought Campos Family Vineyards life. We have worked to make our home a community gathering place with a purpose. From family-friendly events to speakers series and training, Campos Family Vineyards is growing into more than we could have ever

Temple Grandin is a pioneer in the autism community who has played a pivotal role in creating understanding, education, and acceptance for people who are on the autism spectrum and their families. ย When Ric and Michelle Campos' granddaughter Gigi and Temple met, Gigiโ€™s life changed. She came to realize that her differences were gifts that

๏ปฟ Thriving business owners know the foundation of a successful business is good relationships.ย  At Campos Family Vineyards, we believe that extraordinary businesses need an extraordinary event center to build relationships and celebrate the people that help make your business as successful as it is.ย  The Campos Family Vineyards VIP Spotlightย is an exclusive chance for you